About other world milsim

Other World Milsim was founded September 2015. I was hosting airsoft scenario games over the last 4 years at my local field.

In August 2015 I was approached by Blue of EMR park to host an airsoft game for him. Blue had recently seen my videos of the games in wich I had hosted and wanted to expand the different kinds of events at EMR.

I then decided that if this was something I was going to do I needed help. So I decided to include some people in airsoft that I trusted most and we formed Other World Milsim. We have attended many Milsim style events over the past 7 years and have lots of experience in Airsoft.

Our goal is to bring a different style of Airsoft and Milsim to our community.


Our Team

John Smith Job Title

John Smith Job Title

John Smith Job Title